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EGGER Talent Management – growing together

EGGER Talent Management

All of our employees have strengths that are valuable to EGGER – EGGER Talent Management brings them to the front. Lisa Randl (Project Manager Talent Management) answers key questions.

For us it is important to grow together as a company. Each of us makes a contribution – EGGER Talent Management shows this.
What does EGGER Talent Management incorporate?
Lisa Randl:
For us at EGGER, it is important that we grow based on our own performance and develop together. Each of our employees makes a valuable contribution to this. As the number of employees grows, our cooperation is becoming increasingly complex and international. This makes it all the more important to have a targeted exchange between employees and line supervisors. Here, EGGER Talent Management supports us. Due to our flexible appraisal system, employee development is a key theme throughout the year. The exchange between line supervisor and employee is key. An up-to-date job description also provides clarity about the objectives and strengths of each individual employee.
What advantages does EGGER Talent Management offer?
Lisa Randl:
Talent Management gives our employees the opportunity to work on their own development with us. Orientation gives a current job description, which conveys what is expected of each individual and which measures may be helpful for further development. The appraisal is a platform for exchange between employee and line supervisor. It provides clarity on which objectives are being pursued and where everyone can contribute their strengths.
What does the appraisal incorporate?
Lisa Randl:
The appraisal incorporates an agreement on objectives, competence management and job satisfaction. In addition to this, the employee has the opportunity to help shape their own development at EGGER. For example, it can be specified whether and where further development is desired at EGGER or what measures you yourself would like to take for your own further development. We want to further strengthen our own staff and identify likely successors with the potential to handle new tasks early on.
Lisa Randl

Lisa Randl - Talent Management Project Manager

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