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Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Sustainable international growth at a glance

EGGER has a solid base thanks to its healthy growth, innovative products and high quality standards.
Our dedicated and highly qualified employees play a key role in making us one of the leading European companies in the wood-based material industry.

As a family company with a strong equity base, we are able to largely finance investments in our growth from our own resources. We only use external financing in a targeted manner and to a very limited extend.

All of this makes us a powerful and future-proof partner.

Employee development

The average number of employees over the year was 10,233 (previous year: 9,928).
As of 30.04.2021, around 10,400 employees have already contributed to the success of the company.

Revenue development

The revenue of the EGGER Group increased significantly in the 2020/21 business year to a total of EUR 3.08 billion (2019/20: 2.83 billion EUR), an increase of 8.9 %.

Production volumes for wood-based materials including timber

The production volume for wood-based materials including timber was 9.6 million m3 in the 2020/21 financial year. (2019/20: 8.9 million m3).

EGGER Group investments and acquisitions

In the 2020/21 financial year, EGGER made growth and maintenance investments of EUR 193 million (previous year: EUR 531.4 million).