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An easy installation, from start to finish

For the best results when installing flooring, we recommend our coordinated EGGER flooring accessories.

With matching skirting boards and flooring profiles you will be able to produce neat finishes and transitions. Our underlays provide impact noise insulation for laminate and a vapour barrier to the flooring.

With the right accessories you will save time during the flooring installation stage and the floorboards will remain as attractive over time as when they were first installed. We also offer floor cleaner products that will help to repair flooring in case of damage.

Installing flooring

Thanks to our flooring click systems, installing flooring is quick and easy. We show you how it is done in our short videos

Watch explanatory videos

Easy Installation with our underlays

All beginnings are easy: Installing your flooring with the right underlay ensures a long life due to the ideal pressure stability, as well as significant impact and walking noise reduction.

Easy Finish with our skirtings and profiles

A nice frame: With our wide EGGER skirting board and flooring profile ranges, you will be able to produce neat finishes and and seamless transitions.

Easy Maintenance & Repair

We also offer floor cleaner and maintenance products that will help to repair flooring in the event of damage.

You can find more information about EGGER flooring here:

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.