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MDF Flammex E1E05 TSCA CE

The MDF Flammex E1E05 TSCA CE is a low flammability board with low formaldehyde content. It is suitable for furniture and interior design in public areas.


  • Furniture and interior design with special requirements for fire resistance


  • Significant undercutting of the strict formaldehyde classes/standard requirements: \n - values of the E1E05 regulation in Germany\n - TSCA (CARB2) regulation in the USA \n - European and global emission requirements\n
  • Low flammability (fire retardant)\n
  • Low smoke formation\n
  • No flaming droplets \n
  • Regularly checked by external testing institutes\n
  • Very easy to profile\n
  • High transverse tensile strength and edge stability\n
  • Reduced swelling behaviour\n
  • Fine, even and light surface


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