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Door Size Laminates

Thanks to their robust surface, the laminates are highly suitable for the decorative design of interior doors. 81 decors are available in door formats 2,150 mm × 900 mm / 1,020 mm and 2,800 mm × 1,310 mm × 0.8 mm from stock and starting at quantity one. Thanks to the coordinated set of EGGER decor and texture combinations, these decors work perfectly in combination with melamine faced boards and edging . This creates a perfectly coordinated interior design from the door to the furniture.


  • Door elements


  • Door formats with minimal cutting leftovers from stock, and quantity one\n
  • Resistant, durable and easy to clean\n
  • Coordinated design from furniture to interior door\n
  • Resistant to wear, impact and scratches


EGGER Scandinavia


All our shown and mentioned decors are reproductions.

Door Laminates Gallery

To see how each of the 90 decors look as a finished door you may find our gallery useful.