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Renovation of 160 guest rooms using EGGER Laminate Flooring

Meliá Hotel Luxemburg (LU)

EGGER PRO Laminate Flooring for your business stay at the Meliá Hotel Luxemburg
Carpet out, EGGER PRO Laminate Flooring in - all of the 160 rooms of the business hotel Meliá Luxemburg were renovated and approximately 4,000 m² of EGGER PRO Laminate Flooring was installed in them. Meliá Luxemburg is one of the best business hotels in the city and it is known for its designer rooms. This is why we are very happy that the decor EPL080 Light North Oak from our PRO collection is now decorating the rooms. The light colour creates a relaxing, feel-good
atmosphere following a challenging day of work. In addition to the decor, the highest priority when selecting the flooring was for it to meet the utilisation requirements of the guests. With the moisture-resistant Aqua+ Laminate Flooring, the customer found exactly what they were looking for. The flooring is wear-resistant, easy to clean, and therefore has a particularly long service life. Installation was done by the specialist. They took advantage of the patented UNI fit! locking system, which ensures fast, straightforward and quick installation.

Executed by:

Customer / Builder:

Meliá Hotels



Construction period:

2017 / 2018

Illustration credits:

© Mark Pater Kreativstudio


All shown decors are reproductions.
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