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News> EGGER acquires Masisa plant in Argentina

EGGER acquires Masisa plant in Argentina

Masisa plant in Concordia

Masisa plant in Concordia

Agreements for the acquisition of the Masisa plant in Concordia, Argentina, were signed on the 17th of July 2017. EGGER thus continues expanding its international presence and will be represented for the first time with a production site outside Europe.

For EGGER, owning a production site in the growth markets of South America is vital for tapping into the local market potential. The goal is to become a key market player in South America. With a market share of 35%, Masisa is the number 2 in Argentina, with Masisa Argentina posting turnover of USD 131 million in 2016. The plant in Concordia has facilities for the production and lamination of chipboard and MDF boards. In 2016, it recorded production capacities of 165,000 m3 chipboard, 280,000 m3 MDF boards and 274,000 m3 lamination.

Thanks to a similar corporate philosophy and strategy, Masisa Argentina and the EGGER Group are a good match for each other. Masisa enjoys broad market access through its distribution channels in DIY, distributors and industry. Masisa uses pull marketing techniques and social media activities to communicate with its customers, and it also has an established customer loyalty programme – Red M – which boasts some 9,500 members.

In addition to the plant and its sales, EGGER will also operate the distribution network Masisa Placacentro in Argentina, maintained independently by 42 partners. EGGER will take over the approximately 500 employees of Masisa in Argentina and offer them a clear future.