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EGGER Group Management

Group Management

Today, the EGGER Group is owned by the brothers Michael and Fritz Egger who as the owners also play a role in determining the strategic guidelines. The business operations are led by the EGGER Group Management consisting of Thomas Leissing, Frank Bölling, Ulrich Bühler and Hannes Mitterweissacher.
Thomas Leissing

Thomas Leissing

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Speaker of the Group Management

Thomas Leissing has been a member of the EGGER group management since 2005. He is responsible for finance and administration and has acted as a spokesman for the group management since 2009. Prior to joining EGGER, he worked for a listed international industrial company in the corporate finance division. 

Frank Bölling

Frank Bölling

Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)

Frank Bölling has been a member of the group management since 2022 and is responsible for logistics. He has been with the EGGER Group since 2019 and has previously held the position of Division Director Logistics EGGER Decorative Products East. Prior to that, he held senior positions in the areas of logistics and supply chain management in various industrial sectors.

Ulrich Bühler

Ulrich Bühler

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Ulrich Bühler has been a member of the group management since 2006 and is responsible for sales and marketing. He has been with EGGER since 2000 and was part of the German country management before he joined the group management. Prior to that, he was working for a large German wood distribution company.

Hannes Mitterweissacher


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Hannes Mitterweissacher has been a member of the group management responsible for the technical/production areas since 2022. He has already been with EGGER since 1992 in various technical and production positions and most recently, in the position of Division Director Technical/Production EGGER Decorative Products Central.