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More from wood means more transparency.

For us, wood is a working material and a recyclable material: We manufacture a wide range of products for furniture and interior design, flooring and wood construction from nature's renewable resources.
True to our mission "More from wood", it is important for us to act sustainably, conserve resources and promote climate protection.
Our sustainability indicators show what our products actually contribute to realising this promise. They make the environmental performance of each individual product transparent and easy to understand.

CO2 footprint
Contribution to the bioeconomy
Contribution to the circular economy
Wood proportion from the regional environment
Wood proportion from verified and certified sources

Full transparency for our products

We make public all ingredients that are used in our products. There are two different document formats for this: EPDs ("Environmental Product Declarations") that also make the life cycle assessment of our products transparent and EHDs ("Environmental and Health Datasheets").