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PerfectSense lacquered boards

PerfectSense lacquered boards

The high-quality PerfectSense lacquered boards, with matt and high-gloss surfaces, are visually striking and offer high levels of durability and resistance to micro-scratches. The surfaces, finished with several lacquer layers, are perfectly suited for the upmarket furniture sector and provide interior design with an exclusive character.


  • High-gloss and matt MDF Lacquered Boards
  • Supplied with protective film
  • Cut-to-size format
  • Design freedom due to decor and material combination with EGGER laminate, edging, etc.
  • Resistant to many cleaning agents
  • Resistant to heat and humidity
  • Improved surface properties with regard to micro-scratch and scratch resistance
  • Antibacterial surface properties according to ISO 22196 (= JIS Z 2801)

PerfectSense: Ready to impress

Our high-gloss and matt surfaces are ready to impress.

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