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Case Studies> Ziefle Zeitwohnhaus

Stylish temporary living

Erlangen (DE)

A hotel you would never want to leave
The popularity of black marble decors for interior design continues unabated. The interior designer of the newly designed Zeitwohnhaus in Erlangen (DE) was impressed by the EGGER decors that correspond to this trend. The Zeitwohnhaus is not only a hotel, but also a place for co-working, meetings and of course for relaxing. With its cosy lounge atmosphere, the open lobby invites you to linger. The bistro-style dining room and the restaurant with buffet also convey a relaxed urban flair.
The interior consists of a mix of melamine-resin-coated Eurodekor chipboard in F206 ST9 Black Pietra Grigia and H3349 ST19 Kaisersberg Oak. 

The design of the reception, the fronts on the buffet as well as the tables in the dining room and the lobby follow the zeitgeist with their extraordinary marble look. A perfect place to stay for the fast-paced hotel clientele. The refined real wood panelling at the reception has been adapted to the two EGGER decors and acts as a very special eye-catcher. The interplay of wood and stone optics creates a thoroughly exclusive atmosphere, which warmly welcomes guests from near and far as soon as they arrive.

Executed by:


Holger Herdegen

Architect & Fabricator

Zieflekoch GmbH


Thalhofer Holzzentrum GmbH & Co. KG

Construction Period

3rd & 4th quarter 2020

Photo Credits

© Tobias Schneider - Barlo Fotografik


All shown decors are reproductions.