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Case Studies> Office "DualBoot"

Modern office design for the “new way of work”

Ulyanovsk (RU)

Dynamism and innovation in perfect form
For their new premises in the centre of Ulyanovsk (RU), the Russian IT company DualBoot wanted an office that reflected their modern corporate culture. For the architects, this meant: The office design must provide sufficient space for the multidisciplinary teams, which come together flexibly depending on the project. Retreats separated from the workplace cleverly break up the image of an open-plan office and lend the dark interior a natural touch with light wood accents. The use of H1400 ST36 Attic Wood in numerous pieces of furniture, work surfaces and in the kitchen creates a cosy working atmosphere.

The usual architecture of office buildings with classic room structures is broken up, as there are no closed office spaces except for a few glazed seminar rooms. Numerous plants contribute to biodiversity, sustainability and mindfulness in the workplace. Numerous seating areas with lounge character and bar counters create a relaxed atmosphere. The effect is supported by a lighting concept that enables perfect focusing of the light above the workplaces. The architects from K&K Bureau won the Russian Design Award 2020 for the conception and execution of the modern office building.

Executed by:

Customer / Builder:

IT company “DualBoot”


K&K Bureau (Kuryaev & Kapitonov)


DOK-servis opt (RU)

Vladimir Nikishin



Construction period:

End of 2019 to mid 2020


All shown decors are reproductions.