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Selling > Samples >Sample >Laminate 85 x 85 x 0,8 mm >H2033 ST10 Dark Hunton Oak

H2033 ST10 Dark Hunton Oak

Laminate 85 x 85 x 0,8 mm


H2033 ST10

Hunton Oak, the distinctive planks and natural cracks and knots ensure a very rustic, authentic looking appearance. This makes for exciting accents in both furniture design and as a worktop decor. The dark colour tone adds a certain elegance to the rustic planked appearance character. The texture ST10 Deepskin Rough ensures a very authentic character. The decor looks even more natural thanks to the XL repeat, i.e. reduced repetition of the cracks and knots.Decor is directionally bound.

Weight: 0.01 kg

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