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Case Studies> Harley Davidson Showroom

Industrial style for a legendary brand

Nantes (FR)

A harmonious interplay between wood and metal renews the Harley-Davidson Nantes showroom (France).
The goal of giving the Harley-Davidson Nantes showroom a modern look that also exudes a relaxed atmosphere has definitely been achieved: The architect Jean-François Ardouin of the Agency AM ARCHITECTURE has implemented an industrial-style concept designed by the Agency Fresh International. 

Thanks to a modern and warm combination of our high-quality PerfectSense Topmatt U999 PT Black with the Grey Bardolino Oak H1146 ST10 as well as our W1101 ST9 Alpine White decor, the new showroom is characterised by a friendly atmosphere that is ideal for welcoming customers. In addition, PerfectSense Topmatt is the ideal solution for busy surfaces thanks to its anti-fingerprint property and high scratch resistance.

Executed by:


Harley-Davidson, Nantes (FR)


Design: Fresh International

Implementation: Jean-François Ardouin, AM ARCHITECTURE (FR)


Menuiserie Traditionnelle Gwendal Hervouët (FR)

Construction Period

January 2019 to April 2019

Illustration credits

Fabio Batby, Sudéo Production


All shown decors are reproductions.