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PRO Comfort: the cork floor for special comfort

A feel-good cork flooring

Our Comfort flooring combines the strengths of laminate with special cork properties

EGGER Comfort flooring, compared to other wood-based floor coverings, is particularly quiet and heat-insulating, thus creating a comfortable, cosy ambience that makes you feel good. Thanks to the cork flooring properties, EGGER Comfort flooring is the ideal flooring for bedrooms and children's rooms as well as living and dining areas. Our Comfort flooring is available in numerous designs, which go together well with different furnishing styles. Whether in wood effect, stone or unusually creative, there are no limits to one's imagination here. See our high-quality designs for yourself!

EGGER Comfort flooring comes with many benefits:

  • Quieter than laminate thanks to integrated impact-noise insulation with cork
  • Warm underfoot thanks to 40 million thermo-insulating cork cells
  • Pleasant to walk on thanks to the elastic cork cover layer
  • Consists of two layers of cork, a cover layer and an underlay
  • Cork flooring with no harmful substances, thus completely healthy in the home
  • The main components of the flooring are cork and wood from certified forests
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% PVC free
  • Simple installation thanks to our cork flooring click system
  • A cork laminate in modern effects, from wood and stone looks through to creative designs
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Cork flooring from EGGER

Comfort board formats for your floor design

On the outside a modern wood or stone look, on the inside a heart of cork: EGGER PRO Comfort flooring is available in the following formats:

  • Classic 1,292 x 193 mm
  • Large 1,292 x 245 mm
  • Kingsize 1,292 x 327 mm
  • Long 2,050 x 245 mm

A good choice guaranteed: PRO Comfort flooring

Have PRO Comfort flooring installed by a specialist and take advantage of the triple safety of EGGER’s cork technology:

  • Insensitive to dirt thanks to closed surface
  • Resistant to the fading of the decor pattern
  • Durability for many years due to robust surface sealing
A good feeling with PRO Comfort flooring

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