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EGGER HOME Design Flooring GreenTec - robust, water-resistant, natural

Design Flooring GreenTec: robust, water-resistant, natural | decor: EHD028

This flooring doesn't care who or what comes at it. 

Even if you do not know today what your flooring will have to withstand tomorrow, you can still sit back and relax. After all, EGGER Design Flooring GreenTec is made for living and is not just about style. Its authentic wooden appearance becomes a stylish eye-catcher in the room, while its durable, lightfast surface ensures that you can enjoy a flawless appearance for a long time. Whether in a heavily used hallway, the kitchen or any other room, our Design Flooring GreenTec is always a safe choice.

Find flooring decors to suit every room situation.

In our decor selection you can find flooring designs to suit every room situation.

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Design Flooring GreenTec can take anything | decor:  EHD014

Robust, water-resistant, natural.

Can take anything
Whether it's a chair leg or rainy weather, Design Flooring GreenTec simply lasts longer. The pressure-resistant flooring with shape stability and a micro scratch-resistant surface stays beautiful.

Resists moisture
If Design Flooring GreenTec comes into contact with water, there's no need to worry. It’s water-resistant, anti-slip and therefore the ideal flooring for bathrooms, kitchens or a conservatory.

Creates a healthy climate
Our flooring with a natural feel-good factor is made up of 90% renewable raw materials, the wood comes from sustainable forestry and the underlay from recycled cork.

The perfection lies in the details. Find out what Design Flooring GreenTec is made of.

Construction of Design flooring GreenTec
Construction of Design flooring GreenTec
The passion for wood is in our nature | decor EHD014

The passion for wood is in our nature.

Those who deal with wood every day develop a special relationship with nature. The respectful handling of this fascinating raw material has always been the basis of our work. It’s evident in the resource-efficient processing as well as in the finished product. For example, we only use timber from regional, sustainable forestry – our cork is also certified.

We deliberately do not use plasticisers or PVC. All flooring is free of harmful substances, even the decorative print of our flooring is based on water-soluble dyes. For this reason, we have been awarded numerous national and international environmental certificates. Healthy living is also a big focus for our flooring. Anyone who has ever experienced the atmosphere of a room with EGGER flooring will understand our passion for wood.

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.