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On-Site Inspection

On-site Inspection & Testing

Can the quality of OSB be assessed by visual inspection?

The check of conformity with the purchase documents must be done at the distributor’s warehouse, while on the job-site, the panels must be inspected prior to installation, to make sure the board type and dimensions comply with the intended application.
This means to confront the marking from the product / label with the documents of origin and with the product data sheet.

Visual inspection is merely meant to identify and conclude rapidly upon the total quantity of mist-delivered and/or damaged product (having crashed edges/corners from transport or unloading), rather than to evaluate the product quality.
This can only be done in laboratory conditions, following the testing procedures given in standards.

What basic tests can be performed by customers to assess the quality of the products?

None. No relevant property of the product (swelling, density, bending strength, stiffness, fire behavior, μ value, λ etc) can be checked on-site; they all require controlled testing conditions that can be provided only in the lab.

Is there any test that can be done on-site to prove the differences between different products (ex: OSB 3 versus OSB 2)?

No, for the same reasons as described above.