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Classification & Warranty

Here are the FAQ's about EGGER OSB including the intended usage and features or the product.

Standards & Symbols

The questions on standards and technical classes of EGGER OSB can be found here.

Production & Raw Materials

Learn about the production process of EGGER OSB from the questions here.


Learn more about the use and applications of EGGER OSB from the questions here.


To find out more about the storage and conditioning of EGGER OSB see the questions here.

On-Site Inspection

Read the questions to find out more about on-site inspection and testing with EGGER OSB.

Product Comparison

To find out more about the comparisons between EGGER OSB 2, OSB 3 and OSB 4 TOP read the questions here.


View the FAQ's about Tongue and Groove here.


View the FAQ's about OSB in general here.