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Harmony of colour, pattern and texture. More is more.

Harmony of colour, pattern and texture. More is more.

Harmony of colour, pattern and texture. More is more.

In this kitchen, you can see how pale tones and flat, matte finishes in U702 Cashmere Grey PM, shine. See how soft, copper shade of F570 Copper Metallic brings a warm glow to the kitchen and how this mellow pallete is revved up with luscious F094 Black Copper Cipollino Marble.

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Marble's Versatility

Marble's Versatility

Cipollino marble is best known for its unique veinage. Regardless of the design, marble always brings a glamorous element to any space.

  • Colour, texture and pattern combined
  • EGGER F093 Cipollino Marble combined with matte accessories
  • Marble and stone slabs - robust yet gentle
  • Marble's Versatility
  • Using U727 matte surface brings sophistication to this home
  • Combining gentle and rough: PerfectSense Matt decors and Feelwood H3406 ST38
  • Just like velvet: PerfectSense Matt U999 ©Becker Lacour
  • Bold statement with neutral colours

Bold statement with neutral colours

Matte is back on trend. No matter the design - it always creates the wow-factor. It can be used in small doses, as an accent or on larger surfaces. Depending on the chosen decors and combinations used, it fits into a minimalist or a lush interior.

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Let's talk metallics in interior

No matter how much metallics you choose to use, they will always play an important role in the overall look. In this kitchen, F570 Copper Metallic needs a neutral background to shine at its finest. This is where the PerfectSense Matt comes into play.

Using metallics is an easy way to add a touch of elegance to any room. Metals are easy to introduce using accessories. But in interior design, they can be used on larger surfaces and still be subtle.

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  • Combining finishes: silver detail on Egger F148 Brown Fine Granite worktop ©Schmidt Fotografie
  • Metallics everywhere: sofa
  • Hammered copper accessories for a rustic feel
  • Copper details go well with light maple decor H3860
  • Playing with accents: Egger edging F8981 Doppia Black-Copper

Focusing on materials: EGGER laminates

  • Laminate structure

    Laminates are decorative coating materials. They are made of core paper layers and decor paper impregnated with resins. The layers of paper are pressed under high pressure and heat. Laminates are used to cover a wide variety of core boards.

  • Used for worktop and splashback panels: F311 ST87
  • Achieving the perfect finishing touch with laminates: F633
  • Laminates for door coating: H1180 ST37
  • Application possibilities of Egger laminates on curved surfaces ©Lumecore/Toon Grobet
  • Egger laminates on curved surfaces: H3006

Application possibilities

EGGER laminates are available from a quantity of 1 and from stock in all decors and structure combinations from EGGER Decorative Collection. With decor and surface match across the whole product range, there are no more limitations in design.

Laminates are used for coating furniture fronts, worktops and splashback panels, door and wall covering. Laminates are resistant to abrasion, impact and scratch, versatile and easy to process.

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Attention to details

  • W1001 white coloured core laminate structure
  • Seamless edges with W1001 coloured core laminate ©Katharina Jaeger
  • Seamless edges with coloured core laminate U7651
  • Coloured core laminate W1001 bonded to MDF board

When it comes to interior design, the attention to detail is key to creating an appealing space.
Sometimes the design requires seamless edges with no glue lines. For such purposes Egger provides a coloured core laminate. Corner joints can be cut at a 45° angle and still appear seamless.

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  • Authentic look and feel: H3406 ST38 ©Michael Baister Photography
  • Barely distinguishable from solid wood or veneers: H1180 ST37 ©Griffin Images Ltd16
  • Laminate in use H3766 ST29

When a natural look and feel is required, EGGER XL Feelwood laminate provides both, while also being lightfast, durable and available in extra wide format. XL laminate is a decorative laminate with a synchronised texture. The surface texture is synchronised to the decor pattern (synchronised pore). This creates an optical and tactile effect, which makes the laminate barely distinguishable from solid wood or veneers.

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