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Eurodekor Plus HR

These boards offer a high-quality surface finish for heavy-duty surfaces. They are ideal for commercial furniture, such as office furniture, furniture in public areas, as well as high-end shop fittings. Depending on the application and the load, the composition may vary. The ML multi-layer structure is realised with underlay (so-called barrier paper). Underlays are available in ML structures with brown papers (standard decors), in MW composition with white papers (white decors).


  • Heavy-duty areas of application for commercial furniture (such as office furniture, restaurants, shopfitting, schools, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and nursery schools)


  • Very good screw extraction strength
  • Increased bending strength
  • High impact resistance
  • Authentic surface textures
  • Easy to process, maintain and clean
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Ready for use immediately – no oils, stains, or other protective measures
  • Antibacterial surface property in accordance with ISO 22196 (=JIS Z 2801)



All shown decors are reproductions.

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