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Nature-inspired WMF shop design

WMF Shop Concept, Geislingen a. d. Stiege (DE)

Authentic oak decor by EGGER creates warmth and cosiness.
The internationally renowned household and catering goods manufacturer WMF has completely redesigned its shop concept in recent years. The comprehensive relaunch included, in addition to the product range and the brand portfolio, the shop design of the 170 branches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Glass used to dominate, but the focus is now on warmth and cosiness created by the oak decor H3309 ST28 Sand Gladstone Oak made by the wood-based material manufacturer EGGER. The integrated synchronised pore surface ST28 Feelwood Nature makes it look particularly natural and authentic. The texture is synchronously adapted to the impression cylinder of the Gladstone Oak, enhancing its sandblasted character.

Executed by:


WMF AG, Geislingen an der Stiege (DE)


WMF AG, Geislingen an der Stiege (DE)

Store Designers, Köln (DE)

Project period:

2015 to 2019


© WMF Group GmbH, Frank Alexander Rümmele


All shown decors are reproductions.