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Design that moves

People with synaesthesia are much more sensitive to their environments than other people; synaesthetes like Leonore Egbert. She sees sounds and experiences different emotions when she comes into contact with certain materials.

Special touch: Leonore Egbert experiencing the matt surface of this PerfectSense board

A special feeling: When touching the matt version of the PerfectSense board. Leonore Egbert experiences deep relaxation – a feeling that has become virtually priceless during stressful day-to-day business

"Touching the velvet-like, smooth finish of the board triggers a deep relaxation in me."
As if on an internal display, sounds appear in colours.

A special ability: Synaesthesia is not an illness; rather it is the result of a very specific connection in the brain. Studies show that synaesthetes have a better memory and are more creative. The assumption is that this talent is hereditary.


All shown decors are reproductions.

This is where synaesthesia can be helpful "because this phenomenon allows feelings to come to light that are not ordinarily merely overlooked, but that would otherwise not be recognisable within the perception threshold, located as they are in the subconscious."