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Kirstin Ehlers

Kirstin Ehlers (45 jaar),
Head of Logistics, Gifhorn plant / Germany

Highest educational level attained:
Business Administration degree


With EGGER since 2013:
  • Head of Logistics (since 2013)

Please briefly describe your professional career.

I studied Business Administration, and then started as buyer for a retail company. In the years that followed, I crossed several professional stages: I worked in customer care, I was department head of Production Planning in a medium-sized production company, then managed the Purchasing & Logistics department and later also Storage & Shipping. I was then Supply Chain Manager and Head of the Internal Sales Office. In 2013, I became aware of EGGER thanks to a newspaper ad, and I applied for a job as logistics manager – successfully.

What are your tasks as Logistics Manager?

As Logistics Manager I am in charge of logistics processes and production planning. I also manage storage and shipping. I lead several teams and coordinate the operational day-to-day business. Together, we make sure that all processes and deliveries – whether to other EGGER plans or to our customers – are handled on time. Our department is constantly developing further, and we are always trying to optimize delivery times to the end customer.

Which characteristics are particularly important when it comes to your work?

I think it is important to be able to think in logistical processes. In any case, this requires a certain organizational talent. Many departments are affected by our work, and benefit from us doing a good job. It is up to us to identify potential for optimization and fully exploit it. Own initiative and extensive, networked thinking are very important in this context.

What is it that you like in particular when it comes to your current work?

I particularly value the variety and diversity my work provides. I am motivated by the daily new challenges. In addition, I like the feeling of having an impact as an employee. Because EGGER is always open to new ideas. For example, when there were renovations taking place in the EGGER plant, the warehouse was more polluted than usual. The dust generated by the construction works could no longer be removed by sweeping with a broom. I figured that a wet cleaner would easily solve the problem. I was surprised how my idea was implemented quickly and without complications. Today, we still clean our warehouse with the wet cleaner, and it looks a lot better than before, really nice and clean.

Why did you decide for EGGER as your employer?

In the beginning, I noticed a newspaper ad from EGGER. I then had a look at their Internet presence, and was immediately enthusiastic. I thought it was interesting that a large, international company like that does not come from America or China, but from Austria. Also, I immediately had the feeling that EGGER is a modern company. I knew there would be many perspectives and opportunities for me to develop further. I also particularly liked how greatly EGGER values the environment and sustainability.

What do you especially value about EGGER?

I particularly like the fact that, within EGGER, you can also contribute your own ideas. There are so-called innovation cards where you can briefly describe your improvement proposal. The card goes into a box, and you quickly receive clear answers and decisions regarding your ideas from the decision-makers. As an EGGER employee, you are constantly informed via newsletter and an in-house newspaper regarding news from all our plants. This brings the individual locations closer, and creates team spirit across countries. I also appreciate EGGER's employer-funded pension, and the offers in health management – in particular the fruit days that we regularly have.

What do you particularly like about Gifhorn (location)?

As my previous job, I had to travel more than 100 km from my home town Braunschweig to my job. Since I started working in Gifhorn, there are only 30 km. I also value the beautiful area around Braunschweig and Gifhorn. There are many fields and lakes that invite you to take relaxing trips in nature.