About Us

We are EGGER, a successful producer and supplier of wood based materials worldwide.
The teamwork of 8,200 employees makes us one of the leading companies in the industry.

Our business areas include Furniture and Interior Design, Building Products and Flooring. The worktop in the kitchen, the noise reducing acoustic panels in the concert hall or the non slip laminate floor in the children's room - every day, we make more from wood in our 17 European locations.

In our work we have much in common:

Taking action instead of just talking about it.

The stability that allows us to progress.

The satisfaction of having delivered what we say we will.

We do not simply look for employees. We seek people who share our values.

We are a constantly developing family business. But one thing has remained the same throughout the years: our love for wood.

What makes us different

More from wood

Our love for detail is reflected in the high quality of our products. Each day we make "more from wood" - from the first idea through to the innovative solution.

Joy of perfection

We are proud of the high quality of our work and in order to make sure that this stays the same, we are constantly working to improve and evolve. We always welcome new ideas to help us to develop.

Regional and international employer

Our plant locations are in accessible areas and we are a strong local employer. At the same time, the international outlook of EGGER offers new opportunities and many possibilities for personal development.

Family stability

As a family company, we stand for stability and continuity. Mutual trust and loyalty are the foundations of solid relationships.

Orientation towards the future

Looking ahead, we meet new challenges head on, with determination and confidence. Our stable growth is the result of a responsible corporate policy.

Healthy working environment

EGGER particularly cares about the health of their employees. Through our program of health care we take targeted measures to keep our employees in the form and strengthen their health.