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Testimonials of Start Up - Our Graduate Programme

We've collected some testimonials from employees who have already completed our Start Up programme.

Ilya Gorodnichin
"For me, Start Up is cross-departmental and cross-border networking with my learning partner, my line supervisor, and my mentor."
Ilya Gorodnichin, Sales, Russia

"For me, Start Up is structured to learn more about how EGGER works in terms of strategy, structure, and values.”
Lise Moulin, Technology and Production, France

Lise Moulin
Zamfir Silaghi

"For me, Start Up is getting to know better the diversity of EGGER - different plants and different processes."
Zamfir Silaghi, Logistics, Romania

"For me, Start Up is bearing responsibility for my department and taking charge of my own development."
Kathrin Gürtler, Finance, Austria

Kathrin Gürtler