About us


We are a sustainable, reliable and long term thinking partner for all market participants offering wooden raw material. Our objective is to have partners and supplier we can work on a trustful and transparent base. We respect the markets and market competition as well as we respect the legality and chain of custody for any wooden material purchased by us. Furthermore we want to integrate our supplying partners to this transparent and efficient systems to create added values.

With our dynamic purchasing team we are able to react fast and flexible according to the market needs and our supplier’s requests to ensure a continuous material flow and best practice relationship with our partners.

For further information’s regarding materials, assortments, quality requirements, transports, reception, invoicing system, payment terms or our certification system contact our purchasing agents to support you getting a partner of EGGER.

The wood we use

  • Chips from sawmill industry and other chipping process
  • Sawdust from sawmill industry and wood shavings from planingplanning
  • Slabs and ages from sawmills and lumber cutting
  • Offcuts from lumber and round wood processing
  • Industrial round wood coming from thinning, hygienic cuttings and rests from other forest processes
  • Wooden rests like bark and forest chips to be used as burning material
  • Recycling wood as side products from wood processing industry and wooden packaging material

Service we offer

  • A reliable, trustful, transparent and long term partnership
  • Fully integrated recycling service based on newest technology
  • Services and support in certification process to full fill all the requirements according to EUTR, FSC and PEFC as well as national and international laws
  • Electronic data exchange system for reception and invoicing