Core Values

Core Values

Our Values as a Family Company

  • Sustainability and the further development of the company for the benefit of coming generations take centre stage in our decisions
  • Respect, trust, partnership and loyalty define our everyday actions.
  • We stand by our word.
  • Professional action and efficient decision-making processes constitute key success factors.
  • We live by our core values and present ourselves to the employment market with the values of a family company.

Our Customer Service

  • We recognise the importance of developing long term customer relationships as the basis for mutual success.
  • Reliable quality, professional and qualified advice, design and technical competence, balanced by an equitable price/performance ratio is our central customer core value.

Our Quality

  • For EGGER, quality is fulfilling defined requirements in everything we undertake.
  • We have committed ourselves to continuous improvement, backed up by an independent certified management system.

Our Employees and Managment

  • We are respectful of each other.
  • We expect high performance and develop our employees through specific training and information programmes.
  • Experience and long employment service are particularly respected.
  • Our managers are predominantly recruited internally and are characterised by high leadership competence and positive role model behaviour.

Our Organisation

  • We are a decentralised group structured around individual business units and regional organisations.
  • Central functions are carried out only where we can benefit from synergies, increases in productivity or when driven by strategic demands.
  • Our decision-making processes are clear and efficient.
  • The rules of procedure and reporting requirements form the basis of proper business management.
  • The strategic direction of the group is defined by the owners and Group Management, with the support of the group staff as well as national and division management.
  • Individuals have the responsibility for implementing mutually agreed targets.

Our Social Environment

  • In accordance with our core values we embrace the culture and customs of the countries in which we operate.
  • We actively integrate into the life of our local communities.
  • We promote the employment of qualified employees and managers from the regions around our sites.

Our Natural Environment

  • The sustainable use of raw materials is one of EGGER’s highest priorities.
  • We achieve this through the use of biomass energy plants, environmentally friendly logistics systems and state of the art manufacturing technology that ensures our resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Our Information and Communication Systems

  • We invest in the latest information and communication technologies.
  • We use these systems to manage our business efficiently and bring our business partners closer to the relevant business