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>Sample >Eurodekor 297 x 210 x 8 mm >H1252 ST19 Grey Beige Branson Robinia

H1252 ST19 Grey Beige Branson Robinia

Eurodekor 297 x 210 x 8 mm


The decorative series of the Branson Robinia embodies an elegant decorative image that receives a certain scaled-down appearance thanks to the light planking and linearity. Due to the use of mother-of-pearl pigments and in combination with the texture ST19 Deepskin Excellent, it also displays a certain degree of naturalness. The Grey Beige Branson Robinia has a somewhat lighter colour tone and is well suited for harmonious colour combinations with light neutral colours, but also strong accent colours full of contrast.

Decor is directionally bound.

Weight: 0.37 kg

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