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Interzum Award: Intelligent material & design 2019

PerfectSense Matt with Duo Edge

Matt marble surfaces convey elegance. With F204 PM White Carrara Marble as well as F206 PM Black Pietra Grigia, EGGER presents a light and a dark marble reproduction. Both decors have an exclusive look and feel thanks to the matt surface of PerfectSense Matt. Two new duo edges are the perfect addition for them: The variant F8922 C1 displays a white marble appearance. Its dark veins take up the popular theme Black that is continued in the second half of the edging. The dark variant F8924 C1 connects a very natural wood with a black marble reproduction.

ST75 Mineral Satin

ST75 Mineral Satin

The was developed especially for worktops. It gives material reproductions and uni colours a matt and velvety feel.

This surface works particularly well with marble, as shown here with F205 ST75 Anthracite Pietra Grigia.

PerfectSense Topmatt worktops with edging

A new and very attractive solution is the resistant supermatt PerfectSense Topmatt worktop with edging.

Its velvety-soft surface stands out thanks to its touch and feel, as well as its anti-fingerprint feature.


All shown decors are reproductions.