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Case Studies> Ship Vivaldi

Ship Vivaldi

Strasbourg (FR)

Ship Ahoy!

EGGER products on cruise.
Bright spaces with warm colours, comfortable and tasteful furniture, as well as a modern touch, characterise the 361 foot long river cruise ship Vivaldi owned by the shipping company CROISI Europe (FR). One of the upscale river cruise ships navigating the Danube, the harmonious atmosphere of the ship is accentuated by EGGER's elegant dark-brown decor Wenge H1555 ST15.
In the reception and leisure rooms, the restaurant, as well as the 88 luxury cabins of the ship, wardrobes and cabinets, headboards and night tables are fitted with EGGER's melamine-faced boards in the Flammex variant. The flame-retardant boards also significantly contribute to fire protection, providing the highest level of quality and safety aboard the ship.

Implemented by:

Customer / builder:

CROISI Europe, Strasbourg (FR),


Menuiserie Barth, Plobsheim (FR),

Construction period:

March to June 2009


All shown decors are reproductions.