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Case Studies> District hospital

District hospital

St.Johann in Tirol (AT)

More comfort for patients and personnel

A district hospital comes across as friendly, light and modern.
Following its expansion, the district hospital St. Johann in Tirol provides a unique atmosphere to its patients and employees. Buildings linked to health provision impose on architects due to the high demands regarding safety, quality and maintenance.

It is essential to use modern room aesthetics to increase the feel-good factor and comfort of the patient and personnel but at the same time, fulfil the functional requirements such as being sturdy, stylish and hygienic. The carefully crafted design was the work of “Architektengruppe P3” from St. Johann in Tirol. EGGER products were used for the interior design in order to fulfil the particularly high demands regarding design and functionality.

Implemented by:

Customer / builder:

Gemeindeverband Bezirkskrankenhaus, St. Johann in Tirol (AT),


Architektengruppe P3, St. Johann in Tirol (AT),


Steiner-Möbel GesmbH, Scharnstein (AT),

Construction period:

March 2010 to December 2011


All shown decors are reproductions.