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The visual impact of our flooring

Flooring wood effects ensure a pleasant and attractive space

We pay attention to detail so our flooring looks authentic

The size of the floorboards, as well as the finish to the edges of the boards and the surface texture, play a major role when it comes to the look of a space. HOME flooring is available in different styles – from classic floorboards to those in a wide tile effect or as long floorboards similar to those in country houses.

The bigger the space, the more practical larger flooring boards generally are when installing flooring. For small spaces, on the other hand, classic board sizes are better suited. Chamfered edges, bevels, and striking textures further increase the effect of the floorboard.

We supply our floorboards in the following sizes:

Long floorboards look good in large spaces.

Long – the extra long board look

In the extra long board format (approx. 2450 x 245 mm) the floorboards look like large wooden planks. The long flooring planks look particularly good in large spaces and in narrow corridors, making them an ideal flooring choice for loft spaces.

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Kingsize – the extra large board look

Stone decors in particular are given an authentic effect by the large format flooring boards (approx. 1291 x 327 mm). Thanks to the extra wide flooring planks the flooring installation is completed at lightening speed compared to real tiles.

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The use of large floorboards means that the flooring can be installed quickly.
The use of large floorboards means that the flooring can be installed quickly..

Large – the wide board look

Because of the wide flooring planks (approx. 1291 x 246 mm), the floor looks more elegant. With many decors, longitudinal or all-round bevels are also used, which reinforces this effect even further. Large floorboards are suitable for big rooms or open-plan living areas.

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Classic – the classic board size

The classic board format (approx. 1291 x 193 mm) is suitable for any space, be it large or small, and when it comes to the flooring installation the flooring planks are easy to handle.

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Classic floorboards are suitable for spaces of any size.
Narrow floorboards are particularly suitable for small spaces.

Medium – the narrow parquet format

The floorboards with the narrow parquet format (approx. 1291 x 135 mm) are ideal for small spaces. The all-round bevels emphasise the character of a wooden floor and give the flooring a wood parquet effect.

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Our flooring surfaces are easy to clean

Our different surface textures give the flooring their own character. For each flooring colour a matching surface can be selected, to show th eflooring effect at its best.

Whether brushed, matt or rough, we guarantee the end result will look natural and authentic.

Whichever texture your new HOME flooring has, it will always be easy to clean.

Our bevels give the flooring special optical effects

If you’re interested in creating a special effect we supply many floorboards with additional bevels. The bevels are created by chamfering the edges of the boards when clicking together the flooring boards.

They are clearly tangible and emphasise the character of the board. The 2-sided bevels make the floorboards in a row look like one. The 4-sided bevels, on the other hand, emphasise each individual board. To convey a perfect tile effect on stone decors, optical bevels are used on the boards. You don’t need to worry about dirt as the bevels can be cleaned using a micro-fibre mop without leaving any residue.


All shown decors are reproductions. Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample.

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