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Roofing Board

Fast, Easy, Safe - With this board you can reach the top.

EGGER Roofing Board is the ergonomic solution for fast and safe roof decking. The small format EGGER OSB 3 with innovative profiling over the edges allows for fast, precise and truly endless installation as rigid roofing underlay. Aditionally, transporting and handling is easier and safer, thanks to panel's low weight.


  • vapour-permeable warm roof construction with ventilated bituminous roof decking on EGGER Roofing Board
  • non-permeable warm roof construction with ventilated metal-profile roof sheeting


  • time saving
  • work safety
  • strong interlock on panel's short sides thanks to special tongue and groove profiling
  • improved roof decking flatness
  • automatic 2mm expansion gaps on all panel jointing
  • safe hold in place of the upper panel's row until fastening is complete

EGGER cut to width service

Configure your special widths for edges!


All shown decors are reproductions.