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Maintenance and installation tools

Our tools will help keep your flooring looking good

Our accessories range offers suitable products for sealing laminate, cleaning flooring or even removing small scratches in the laminate. To look after EGGER flooring correctly, we recommend our flooring cleaner designed for the system.

More detailed tips for installation and repair here.

Aqua+ Clic Sealer

Use our Aqua+ Clic Sealer for sealing laminate

With our Aqua+ Clic Sealer you will protect your flooring from moisture as the sealer prevents the edges from swelling. In commercial entrance areas and damp areas, we recommend sealing the edges of the laminate.

Clean-it floor cleaner

For cleaning flooring we recommend our Clean-it flooring cleaner

Our flooring cleaner not only makes the flooring clean, but also has an anti-static effect. Thanks to the special composition, it protects the edges and leaves no streaks behind on the flooring.

Repair set Decor Mix & Fill

Remove scratches in the laminate with Decor Mix & Fill

With this water-based repair paste you can remove small signs of damage or scratches quickly and easily.

Clip for fastening Design flooring to the wall

Fastening clip for wall assembly

Your creativity does not have to be restricted to flooring. For individual interior design you can also attach EGGER Design flooring to the walls.

Fitting these thin flooring boards on the wall is very simple and quick with the help of our wall fastening clips.

You can see how it is done here.

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