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Our flooring accessories guarantee a professional installation

Flooring accessories from EGGER

From the underlay used for noise protection, to the matching skirting boards, through to the floor cleaner, all accessories are coordinated with EGGER flooring.
For the best results when installing flooring, we recommend our coordinated EGGER flooring accessories.

With matching skirting boards and flooring profiles you will be able to produce neat finishes and transitions. Our underlays provide impact noise insulation for laminate and a vapour barrier to the flooring.

With the right accessories you will save time during the flooring installation stage and the floorboards will remain as attractive over time as when they were first installed. We also offer floor cleaner products that will help to repair flooring in case of damage.

Select the right tools for installing flooring:

Installing flooring

Thanks to our flooring click systems, installing flooring is quick and easy. We show you how it is done in our short videos

Watch explanatory videos

Skirting boards and flooring profiles

Skirting boards and transitions for EGGER floor coverings
Our skirting boards and flooring profiles will help you to produce neat finishes on walls and tidy transitions around doors as well as between different types of flooring.

Find our range of skirting boards and flooring profiles here

Flooring underlays

Laminate impact noise insulation and flooring vapour barrier
With the help of our underlays you will reduce impact and ambient noise, optimise heat insulation and protect the flooring from residual moisture from other elements.

You can see all our underlays here at a glance

Floor cleaners and installation tools

Floor cleaning, sealing and repairing
Using our special floor cleaners on a regular basis ensures permanently attractive flooring. We also offer a solution for special installations and minor repairs.

Show all tools for floor cleaning, sealing and repairing

Stair system

Cladding stairs with laminate
Renovating stairs with laminate? With the flexible EGGER PRO laminate stair system and tailored modular system in four different oak decors, renovating or redesigning your stairs is very easy.

See all the features of our laminate stair system

You can find more information about EGGER flooring here: