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News> Even closer to nature with PerfectSense® Feelwood lacquered boards

Even closer to nature with PerfectSense® Feelwood lacquered boards

Since their market launch in 2015, our PerfectSense lacquered boards have been delighting customers worldwide. Building on this success, we are now expanding our lacquer portfolio with the new PerfectSense Feelwood.

With our product innovation PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered boards, we do justice to the ongoing matt trend and complement it with Feelwood synchronised pore surfaces.
"Due to the continuing success of our matt PerfectSense lacquered boards over the years, we have invested in a second production line at the Brilon (DE) site. This is what we use to produce the new PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered boards," says Hubert Höglauer, Head of Marketing and Product Management Furniture and Interior Design in the EGGER Group.
As already known from PerfectSense Premium Matt, the new lacquered board variant also impresses thanks to its anti-fingerprint property. This is particularly advantageous with dark colours, as virtually no fingerprints can be seen. The matt lacquer with its resistant properties makes the product innovation suitable for all vertical applications. PerfectSense Feelwood is particularly suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, where furniture and interior fittings have to withstand moisture and heat. The "Range for the senses", an addition to the EGGER Decorative Collection, has been available to retail partners, architects and fabricators in six exclusive decors since the beginning of October this year.

The jury of two internationally recognised awards was also enthusiastic about the innovative product. The Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 for high design quality, according to the expert jury, for the robust product properties that, combined with a sensual feel, characterise the resourceful design of the PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered boards. At the German Innovation Award 2021, the jury awarded PerfectSense Feelwood the distinction of "Winner".

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PerfectSense® Feelwood lacquered boards - A range for the senses

The innovative PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered boards combine a velvety-warm, matt lacquer finish with synchronised Feelwood textures and anti-fingerprint property.

H3311 TM28 | Bleached Cuneo Oak

PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered boards are available in six exclusive trend decors.

Winner of the Red Dot Award 2021 and the German Innovation Award 2021.

PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered boards have already been awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 for high design quality and the German Innovation Award 2021 with the "Winner" distinction.