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News> EGGER "Interior Match": Designed to be together

EGGER "Interior Match": Designed to be together

With "Interior Match", EGGER shows what is possible in the combination of furniture and flooring. The decor selection combines decors from the Decorative Collection 2020-22 for furniture and interior design with the PRO Flooring Collection 2021+.

With the products in the Interior Match, architects and fabricators not only convince with their ideas, but also with durable and sustainable products. EGGER acts sustainably, conserves resources and the climate and thus underlines its promise: More from wood.

With a selection of 29 decors the wood-based materials manufacturer is implementing this theme for the first time in such a comprehensive range. Architects, fabricators and also end customers thus have the opportunity to effortlessly realise contemporary and harmonious designs.

In "Interior Match", a distinction is made between same decor solutions and those that are colour-coordinated. In "Decor Match", floors as well as furniture and interior design products are available in the same decor with different surface textures. Customers can choose the same decor for floors, doors, the kitchen worktop or complete furniture, thus bringing harmony to their designs. "Colour Match", on the other hand, features decors that are colour-coordinated. "The total of 29 decors includes many new introductions from both collections. They have been selected so that they can be used in a variety of ways. Fronts, worktops or entire pieces of furniture can easily be combined with the floor.

Authentic decors are currently popular. This applies both to woodgrains, which come amazingly close to the original in terms of look and feel, and to classic installation patterns such as parquet or floorboard looks. The wood reproductions in the "Interior Match" range from natural, simple looks to rustic and striking themes.