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Own "working world" for SOFiSTiK AG


A feel-good atmosphere in a nutshell.
An extensive needs analysis through employee surveys led to the concept for the new SOFiSTiK AG company building in Nuremberg (DE) - and the result is clearly something to be proud of. While the casino as a "market place" invites to social gatherings, the in-house library is an ideal place of retreat. In this way, the team's wishes are optimally implemented. It is not only the concept that is convincing, but also the design. The team of the interior design office Fink-Beie decided on a combination of natural concrete, grey, white and anthracite with a light, fresh woodgrain decor.

Concrete decors and grey tones, such as our U732 ST9 Dusty Grey, give the rooms a neutral, business-like character and invite people to concentrate on their work. This is contrasted by H3470 ST22 Natural Pine, which adds a homely component with its fresh and natural character. Thus, not only a new office building has been created in Nuremberg, but also a "working world" of its own.

Implemented by:

Customer / Builder:

SOFiSTiK AG (represented by Thomas Fink), Nuremberg (DE)



GP Wirth Architekten, Nuremberg (DE)

Works planning and structural engineering:


Interior design and lighting design:

Innenarchitektur Susanne Fink-Beie, Nuremberg (DE)


Construction implementation:

Wolf&Müller, Nuremberg (DE)

Fabricator interior design:

Werthammer, Neumarkt (DE)

Construction period:

Started in 2017, completed in June 2019

Illustration credits:

© SOFiSTiK AG / Studio Höhn


All shown decors are reproductions.