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Impervious to salt

Salt warehouse, Ostrach (DE)

EGGER OSB 4 TOP protects the white gold.
Salt and concrete, as well as reinforced concrete, don't tend to go together well in the long term, but salt and wood do. This is the reason why wood construction was chosen when building a new salt warehouse. Glue-laminated timber and solid structural timber were used for the wooden structure and the sheathing, along with the wood-based material OSB. The total wood volume used was 820 m3. Nevertheless, reinforced concrete was needed for the foundation, pillars and skirting elements, in order to support the strong forces and heavy loads.
In order to shorten the construction time, many elements were made in parallel in the plant and on site. Wall elements with sizes of up to 6 x 14 meters were prefabricated and erected on the construction site. This was made possible by large-format EGGER OSB 4 TOP boards and allowed fast installation. The new structure provides space for storing up to 30,000 tonnes of thawing salt and also approximately 1,000 m2 salt bags on pallets.

Used Products

Executed by:

Builder / customer:

Bilgram Gruppe, Ostrach (DE)


Heiko Emhart, Mengen Blochingen (DE)


Merk Holzbau GmbH, Bad Wurzach (DE)

Construction period:

September – December 2016 (wood construction)

Illustration credits:

© Merk Holzbau


All shown decors are reproductions.