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An open & relaxed work atmosphere

Istanbul (TR)

Habita offers coworking spaces that facilitate the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary activities.
Whether you're a freelancer, an employee of a large corporation, or the founder of a start-up, the offices of Habita are open to anyone. The idea behind opening the Habita Coworking Spaces was to offer a place for interaction, the exchange of experiences and bringing together creative minds for productive relationships. Habita found a suitable space for this in Istanbul’s industrial zone.
The coworking spaces were fitted with materials that look raw and natural and go well with the industrial atmosphere of the location. The floor, seating areas and furniture - such as shelves, wardrobes and side tables were made with EGGER OSB 3 boards. The rough and striking texture of the boards, is a perfect match for the desired Industrial Style.

Used Products

Implemented by:




PAB MİMARLIK, Istanbul (TR),

Construction period:

August 2016 – January 2017


© Murathan Varol


All shown decors are reproductions.