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The oversized puzzle

Detmold (DE)

ClipHut Project

The student project ClipHut is put together component by component to create minimalist housing.
The student project ClipHut looks like an oversized 3D puzzle: The individual elements that make up this minimalist housing can be put together thanks to the specially milled edges. The project was designed by a team of twelve students as part of the study programme "Master of Integrated Design" at the School of Architecture in Detmold.
The core of the ClipHut is the building skeleton made of milled EGGER OSB boards. The system is designed to be built without special fasteners or technical capabilities - this means a non-professional can easily build this minimalist dwelling. With the help of special programming software, the user can customise the shape and size and adapt the ClipHut to their own needs. This creates an architectural space with an ideal design.

Used Products

Built by:

Builder, concept, and implementation:

Students at the School of Architecture, Detmold (DE)

Construction period:

24 - 27 July 2017

Illustration credits:

© ClipHut Team


All shown decors are reproductions.