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Academy Rocker

Stuttgart (DE)

The art of touch and feel with OSB

A birthday build - outdoor furniture with a moving wooden substructure
With a length of 7.20m (23.62’), width of 2.40m (7.87’) and a height of 3.20m (10.50’), the Academy Rocker was planned and built by students on the occasion of the 250-year anniversary of the State Academy of Fine Arts. The lower, rocking structure is made of wood, while the upper structure consists of a very thin synthetic folded plate canopy.
The EGGER-sponsored OSB 4 TOP boards with a thickness of 15mm (0.59”) form the supporting structure as cladding on the upper and lower sides while simultaneously serving as the stepped seats. This small structure is a clear example of the advantages of the architectural and engineering application of lightweight, self-supporting plastic roofing in the form of folded plates.

Used Products

Implemented by:

Architect and fabricator:

State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart (DE),

(Class for constructive design and structural engineering under the auspices of Professor Dr.-Ing. Stephan Engelsmann and Valerie Spalding)


All shown decors are reproductions.