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EGGER PRO Comfort flooring: Warm, soft, quiet

Enjoy the barefoot feeling on the soft Comfort flooring in all seasons!

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More about Comfort flooring

EGGER PRO Comfort Flooring has nature at its core. Warm, soft and quiet, PRO Comfort flooring is an ideal solution for any design style. The specialist insulating double cork layer inside the PVC-free flooring absorbs footfall and ambient noise. Over 40 million thermo-insulating cork cells provide a warm and soft feel underfoot, ideal for colder climates. Striking surface decors and textures give character and authenticity to the flooring, making it an ideal solution for residential interiors.

Why do we use cork?

The raw material cork is a true miracle of nature! The cork we use for our flooring comes from the bark of the cork oak. This renewable and natural raw material is harvested from PEFC-certified forests. Not only does this benefit the environment it also helps promote clean indoor living. The boards are 100% PVC-free with no poisonous dyes used throughout production.

Ideal for everyone who loves high comfort - EGGER PRO Comfort flooring

Perfect for cosy evenings at home

Alexander, architect

"I love having a good time with my friends. We like to organise evenings where we play games or watch films in our newly designed living room. I really value our EGGER Comfort Flooring. In addition to its modern appearance, it is particularly comfortable, warm under foot, and quiet. It is perfect for cosy evenings with my friends!“

Decor: EPC020 Villanger Oak

Creates a harmonious and calm atmosphere

Tania, owner of a yoga studio

“Opening my own yoga studio was a lifelong dream come true. Yoga is best done barefoot, and when we do the exercises we constantly touch the floor. While I was looking for the perfect floor I was impressed by EGGER Comfort: a warm, soft, and ecological flooring that also absorbs sound. It magically creates a harmonious atmosphere in the room and supports inner peace during yoga.”

Decor: EPC003 Natural Clermont Oak

Holiday is the time to relax

Nicole and Marc, entrepreneurs

“We want to spend the holidays calming down and relaxing. When we are on a city trip we enjoy our time in the hotel so we have a lot of energy to explore the new city. This is why, when booking a hotel, we look at the style but also its comfort and calmness.”

Decor: EPC026 Natural Canton Oak

  • The outmoded image of cork floors is a thing of the past!

    The outdated image of cork floors is a thing of the past!

    With the use of HD digital print technology, our Comfort Flooring is one of the most modern floor coverings out there. The direct printing of the decor image onto the upper cork layer creates a pin sharp and natural appearance. Thanks to an environmentally-friendly UV protective coat, Comfort flooring maintains its colour even in the case of intense sun exposure.

  • High levels of comfort - also when it comes to cleaning

    High levels of comfort - also when it comes to cleaning

    Thanks to the environmentally-friendly surface coating, EGGER Comfort Flooring is extremely easy to clean and insensitive to dirt. The floor is kept clean through regular vacuum cleaning and wiping with a moist cloth. We recommend the EGGER Clean-it floor cleaner.

  • Environmentally friendly and contributing to a healthy home

    Environmentally friendly and contributing to a healthy home

    The raw materials in the multi-certified EGGER Comfort Flooring originate from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. The floors consist of 87 % renewable materials and are 100 % PVC free. Our Comfort Flooring deserves the Blue Angel quality label.

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