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With Compact Laminate worktops and PerfectSense Topmatt worktops EGGER is enlarging the existing worktop range by two new variants, meeting the wish for slim designs.

Compact Laminate worktops

The 12 mm compact worktop is unique in the EGGER range of worktops. The thin and robust compat laminate comes with two-sided 1 x 1 mm bevel milling on the long and short edges, which also highlights its modern appearance.


  • Abrasion, impact and scratch

  • Resistant to detergents, temperature and moisture

  • Higieniczny i bezpieczny do kontaktu z żywonością

Compact Laminate worktops

Decors + Formats

Compact Laminate worktops are available in four decors: W1101 ST76 (white coloured core), U7081 ST76 (grey coloured core), U999 ST76 and F222 ST76 (both with black coloured core). The board size is 4.100 x 650 or 4.100 x 920 x 12 mm. Further decors, textures, thicknesses and formats are available upon request.

PerfectSense Topmatt worktops with edging

A new and attractive solution is the resistant supermatt PerfectSense Topmatt worktop with edging. Its warm and velvety surface stands out thanks to its modern touch and feel, as well as its anti-fingerprint feature.


  • Abrasion, impact and scratch-resistant
  • Supermatt, warm and velvety surface with anti-fingerprint properties
  • Hygienic and food-safe
PerfectSense Topmatt worktops with edging


All shown decors are reproductions.