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Velux Sunlighthouse

Vienna (AT)

The energy miracle in Vienna

The VELUX Sunlighthouse in Pressbaum near Vienna is based on an exceptionally efficient energy concept.
It generates more energy than it needs, offsetting its carbon footprint. In only 30 years, it will have generated enough clean energy to offset the carbon footprint, caused by its construction and operation up to that time. To meet the special requirements for a carbon -neutral house,
only environmentally friendly materials were used as construction products. In addition to the excellent technical characteristics, the reason for using EGGER OSB 4 Top boards was the 100% formaldehyde-free adhesive joining process. The available EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration®) according to ISO 14040 were also helpful in the calculation of the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

Implemented by:

Customer / Builder:

VELUX Österreich GmbH, Wolkersdorf (AT),


Firma Greber Kaspar, Bezau (AT),

Construction period:

April to October 2010


All shown decors are reproductions.