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Kitchen Diner Hangout

Where once the living room was the place where families came together, today it is often the so-called kitchen diner.

  • The central point for many homes – the kitchen diner

    The kitchen is becoming increasingly integrated into the living space, generating new opportunities for creative interior design.

  • Pastel colours radiate a sunny atmosphere!

    A bright kitchen unit combined with a seating cluster in pastel tones lends a friendly atmosphere to open living spaces. As a floor design, all natural wood and stone looks are suitable here.

The flooring also has a significant effect on the room atmosphere. With colour-consistent floor design, the room has the appearance of a single entity and can therefore seem even more spacious than it is.
The ease and warm radiance of wooden floors are real plus points.

If your living and eating area is furnished in a somewhat rustic manner, a low-key floor look ensures a harmonious ambience.

People enjoy sitting together in a kitchen diner which has been designed in an open and pleasant way, and not just for eating!


All shown decors are reproductions.