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A Shining Example

A steel construction reminiscent of gabled roofs creates the framework for modern architecture and future-orientated technology.

  • Eisenstraße Passive House

    ― Breathable: The Eisenstraße Passive House is cuboid in format and encased in a steel framework reminiscent of a gabled roof. During construction, EGGER OSB and DHF boards were used.

Undulating hills, snow-topped peaks, traditional farmhouses; the picturesque Mostviertel (Perry Quarter) in Austria lies south of the Danube and is renowned for its traditional clothing, pear tree blossom and its perry. One thing you would not expect to find here is modern architecture, yet here it is and it fits surprisingly well into this rural idyll. But this probably shouldn’t come as a surprise when it is as well-made as the Eisenstraße Passive House, created by master carpenter Adi Strigl and engineer Robert Zellhofer. The master carpenter and home technology expert have harmoniously melded together the modern with the traditional by adopting the form of the gabled roof, only this time as a transparent steel framework.
It has been sustainably constructed in wood, by being built of up to 99% ecological materials.
Within the framework there exists a cuboid structure with accessible ramp and a generous terrace. But it's not only its form which sets the house above all others. It has also been sustainably constructed in wood, being built of up to 99% ecological materials, "it's breathable in the same way that modern jackets are and needs only two heaters," explain its creators. So, what does that mean for those who live there? Essentially, it means the heating costs nothing!

- The passive house was built in 8 months.