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Hidden between the Masurian Lakes

A house by the lake, Tumiany (PL)

A house with a priceless view of the lake, complemented with laminate flooring from the EGGER PRO Collection.
Hidden between the forest and the Masurian Lakes, is a 19th century house that was renovated by its owners in 2018. The owners were able to keep a few items of the old furniture but new flooring was needed for the entire 300 m² surface area. On the ground floor, laminate flooring from the current PRO Collection was selected. Thanks to its light wood vintage style look,

EPL064 Natural Abergele Oak perfectly matches the natural interior design and complements the generous glass frontage of the house. The upper floor of the house boasts EPL014 Valley Oak and thanks to its natural country house look, this laminate flooring decor is a great choice for the open and large rooms on this floor. The house is now a place to enjoy and feel good in. When installing the flooring on both levels, installers used the UNI fit! click system, which guarantees quick and easy installation.

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All shown decors are reproductions.