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Surrounded by mountain summits and nature

Freiland-hof (AT)

This new construction set amid beautiful natural scenery truly is a home for the outdoors.
The family home with a separate outbuilding was built from wood and inspired by the surrounding mountains. The goal was to obtain a modern interpretation of a traditional farm that merges harmoniously with the landscape.
Wooden sliding elements that open up the walls of the inner courtyard, connect the building to the outside. At the same time, nature is used as a sustainable source of energy. With its own water supply, waste water treatment, and photovoltaic system, the building not only merges into the landscape, but is truly in harmony with it. EGGER OSB, DHF, MDF and compact laminates were used.

Built by:


Reinhold Hammerer, Ludesch (AT),

Construction management:

Ing. Robert Hechenberger, Oberndorf (AT)

Construction period:

June 2015 to March 2016


© Christian Vorhofer


All shown decors are reproductions.