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5 tips for your home office

Transform your home office into a place of creativity and productivity with our furnishing and design tips!


Optimising ergonomics and room ambience!

Height-adjustable desks, ergonomic working tools and customisable office chairs are essential for a healthy and comfortable home office design. Green plants, fresh air and tasteful colour tones on the walls and floors as well as muted acoustics all contribute to a positive room atmosphere. Opt for EGGER Comfort Flooring when choosing your floor coverings and kill two birds with one stone: Due to its integrated cork layer, not only is ambient noise reduced, but the decors, such as uniform Oak Design, impress visually and create an atmosphere of well-being.

Frequent ventilation ensures a good indoor climate!

Opt for ergonomic work utensils and furniture for your home office!


Use the walls too!

A splash of colour on the walls can have a positive impact on the mood and enhance creativity and concentration! But take note: Colourful patterns, gaudy colour tones or too many pictures are likely to distract you from your work. We recommend warm, discreet yellow or red tones which tend to have a stimulating effect. A light, refreshing green by contrast has a calming effect on the nerves and lends serenity. If your work involves lots of facts and figures, white is the colour of choice as this tone aids clear thinking. When choosing the floor decor take care to ensure that you do not create an extreme contrast to the wall paint. The walls can also be used as a medium for creative work: Ideas can be visualised extremely vividly on pinboards, magnetic boards and whiteboards!

Wall paints can have a positive influence on the mind and creative energy.

Pinboards and magnetic boards on walls are ideal for undertaking creative tasks.

Greater productivity in separated rooms!


Make a distinction!

To be able to switch off properly after work it is important to ensure that there is a clear separation between your working area and private rooms: This not only serves to clearly detach professional and private affairs from each other, it also boosts concentration and provides a productive place of retreat. Ideally, your home office should be set up in a separate room. However, if this is not possible and you have to use the room as a living and working space, clear contrasts can be created by way of visual tricks. A mobile room divider can separate both areas acoustically and visually, thus helping concentration. A contrast can also be created through the use of different wall paints and floor decors. You can visually separate your living and working space with our laminate flooring, for instance through the combination of two different decors.

Clear distinctions between professional and private areas are important for concentration!


Let there be light!

Brightness promotes attentiveness, alertness and focused work! Creative work is also easier in a well-lit room compared to a dark room. A room flooded with sunlight is of course the ideal case, failing this daylight lamps and special office lighting also make a big difference! Pastel-coloured furniture, bright walls and light flooring contribute to a friendly and inviting room atmosphere. EGGER floors in light wood and stone decors are the ideal basis for a calm work environment – discreet in design and elegantly understated, they do not distract you from what is important.

Tasks are easier to accomplish in well-lit, brightly designed work spaces!

A bright home office promotes attentive work over a long period.


Order and storage space with system.

Folders, loose sheets of paper or writing instruments as well as many small devices and cables can quickly lead to cluttered chaos in your home office! Order and structured workplace design are particularly important for an efficient work environment. Special office furniture with practical storage compartments, cable clips or channels, as well as ample storage space are therefore advisable. When setting out your workplace, take care to ensure that you have all the things that you use regularly within reach – this saves time and the hassle of searching! Furniture with castors, enabling a flexible workplace design and ease of movement within the room, is also particularly practical – the sturdy EGGER floors, incidentally, have passed the chair castor test and remain permanently beautiful, even if you do move furniture around often!

Activities requiring concentration are easier with a neat and tidy workplace.

A decluttered office provides structure. Ensure sufficient storage space.


All shown and mentioned decors are reproductions.